Cheryl S - Painting.jpg

Cheryl Jackson Schaeffer

"The Old Shepherd's Chief Mourner"

by Edwin Landseer

Masters Exhibition 2022

(Image cropped to fit space)


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Isn't it wonderful to have our Members' Exhibition back this year? It's been two years since we had this particular exhibition, which is sometimes referred to as the "All Member's Show" as all art entries submitted are hung, then judged. (We do have another exhibition coming up the end of 2022 which will be our Members' Juried Exhibition, where entries are juried into the exhibition and then judged for awards.)

The Members' Exhibition 2022 is currently on display for the month of March at Canoa Hills Recreation Center in the main lobby and hall galleries.

Many thanks to our co-chairs, Nan Lux and Bonnie Nelson, and volunteer crew, for their efforts in putting this show together in a short period of time. There are many moving parts to these exhibitions. Their efforts are appreciated by our entire membership, especially those that entered and those who were able to attend the reception on March 2nd.

Judging of awards was done by Tubac artist, David Simons. Thank you to David. We can guess his job wasn't easy with over 100 pieces of art submitted.

Following is a list of the award winners in the Abstract and Representational categories. Images of the award winners follow the list. You really need to head on over to Canoa Hills and see the art in person. (Notes - Apologies for the reflections on the artwork with glass. Every attempt was made to not clearly show personal emails or phone numbers since this is our public website - which is why some are cropped a bit.)


Winners - Abstract Category

1st Pat McKean - "Long Way Home"

2nd Valerie St. Marie - "Chihuly Reflection"

3rd Becky Fitzgerald - "Emergence"

Honorable Mentions

Joyce Fearnside - "Ebb Tide"

George Shively - "Blue Blossom"

Laurel Sponseller - "Shivering Stillness"

Artists' Choice

George Shively - "Blue Blossom"

Winners - Representational Category

1st Cindy Haase - "Trio"

2nd Layne Cook Johnson - "A Pause in the Prep"

3rd Mary Oelschlaeger - "Plum Crazy"

Honorable Mentions

Sonya Edwards - "S. Lake Tahoe Rhododendron"

Mary Oelschlaeger - "The Color of Light"

Bruce Wamsley - "Ice Out on the San Juan"

Artists' Choice

Mary Oelschlaeger - "The Color of Light"


1st Place - Pat McKean - "Long Way Home"

2nd Place - Valerie St. Marie "Chihuly Reflections"

3rd Place - Becky Fitzgerald "Emergence"

Honorable Mention - Joyce Fearnside "Ebb Tide"

Honorable Mention and Artists' Choice - George Shively "Blue Blossom"

Honorable Mention - Laurel Sponseller "Shivering Stillness"


1st Place - Cindy Haase "Trio"

2nd Place - Layne Cook Johnson "A Pause in the Prep"

3rd Place - Mary Oelschlaeger "Plum Crazy"

Honorable Mention - Sonya Edwards "S. Lake Tahoe Rhododendron"

Honorable Mention and Artists' Choice - Mary Oelschlaeger "The Color of Light"

Honorable Mention - Bruce Wamsley "Ice Out on the San Juan"

The 17th Annual BRIGGS Competition is currently on exhibition at the Community Performance and Art Center (CPAC) in Green Valley through February 28th in the gallery and theater lobby. The reception and awards ceremony was held February 11th. Many thanks to Del Marinello and Susan McKelvy for co-chairing the exhibition this year. (The event was cancelled in 2021 due to COVID.)

Congratulations to all the artists who rose to the challenge of creating an abstract work of art in the required 36 x 36" format. This format was part of the original bequest made by the late Eva Briggs. It is an inspiring exhibition and should be an invitation to all SRAL members to enter the 18th Annual next February. We only go to 20 years.

The following images are the awards winners. You can click on the images and they will open in a separate window. We've kept the images large so you can see the details.


Julie Medow

"Searching the Desert"



Nan Lux




Amy Pilger

"Nature Revisited"



Pat Carney

"Enduring Memory"



Suzy Webber

"Les Planetes"



Hugh Beykirch


Acrylic/Mixed Media


Joan Cawthorn



Showing now until February 16th at the West Center Gallery is the 2022 Masters Show hosted by Rich and Altie Metcalf. In this blog post you will find the seven Blue Ribbon winners chosen by fellow artists, and a few additional images of the gallery walls.

While these images don't do justice to their presentation with their beautiful frames and lovely gallery lighting at the West Center, you get a sense of the accomplishment of all the artists. It's one exhibition you need to see in person. Take your family, friends and neighbors. They will be impressed with the talent in our art league.

We hope to see you at the Masters Show again next year. It's one of our traditions.

(Apologies for the reflection on the paintings with glass. We've tried to provide some relative scale in the presentation of these images as they appear in the exhibition. The winners are listed in alphabetical order.)

Kathleen Bolivar

"Pueblo Family"

by Catherine Carter Critcher


Sonya Edwards

"Mesa Arizona"

by Edgar Payne


Rich Metcalf

"Luncheon of the Boating Party"

by Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Cheryl Jackson Schaeffer

"The Old Shepherd's Chief Mourner"

by Edwin Landseer


Nanci Sheppard

"La Bella Principessa"

by Leonardo da Vinci


Linda Sparks

"Indian Portrait"

by Nicolai Fechin


Susan Werner

"White Robe and Blue Spruce"

by Ernest Blumenschein