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Bylaws and Responsibilities 

Our bylaws include (but are not limited to) the organization’s mission, the position, and responsibilities of each board member and each member volunteer coordinator position deemed relevant to the smooth operation of the organization. 

SRAL BYLAWS November 2018

Privacy Policy

Our club is committed to ensuring we handle all personal data provided to us as confidential and solely for use in conducting club business. We will not publicly post personal information on this web site unless a person has given us permission to do so. Permission for publication may be inferred and may not necessarily be in writing. At minimum, we will annually review our membership directory and destroy data associated with past members; however, we may retain a past member's data for up to two years after they have ended their club membership time for purposes such as, but not limited to, past membership outreach, collecting overdue books or supplies.

Donation Policy

To download PDF, click here.

Communications of Non-SRAL News

To download PDF, click here.


GVR Information for Clubs

All clubs are subject to GVR policies and procedures. GVR's club web page includes information such as grievance policy, insurance forms, waivers, etc.

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